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Goodman Tasman

Our story begins with a man and an idea that defines the American Dream. On February 4, 1947, Goodman Tasman, better known to his friends as "Goodie", started a cattle hide processing company in Louisville, Kentucky. Upon depleting the remaining finances of his G.I. bill, Goodman ran the first weeks production yielding only four hides. In the 62 years that followed Goodman and his youngest son Norman watched their family operation flourish as the production of four hides increased to the current Tasman production of approximately 160,000 hides per week, making us the largest independent cattle hide processor in the world.


With the addition of our tannery business, finished leather goods and Tasman's Natural Pet line our company has grown to encompass a multitude of products with offices and operations spanning four countries and distribution throughout the globe.


The family and industry suffered a terrible loss on April 11, 2005 when Goodman passed away after a long illness. To this day the employees of Tasman Industries, Inc. work by the very principles that Goodman instilled. Goodman will forever be remembered through the lives of the individuals he touched and the company he founded. His legacy continues to thrive and play a vital role in the supply of hides, skins and leather to the global market. Goodman would want to remind us as the company he founded flourishes that "it is not by my hands we are here today, but the hands of many." - Goodman Tasman at the 55th Anniversary of Tasman Industries, Inc.