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Cattle Hides
Our quality hides are trimmed and carefully graded to ensure your satisfaction.
Fleshed Hide
Wet Blue

Tasman Industries proudly offers the best cattle hides in the world. With more than sixty years of experience guiding us, we have made it our goal to supply each and every customer with a quality product. A product we are proud of.


By globally sourcing our hides and vertically integrating our production, we are able to provide maximum value to our customers and suppliers. We haven't become one of the world's largest producers of cattle hides and skins by remaining complacent with our business success. Instead, we are constantly adapting to the changing desires of our customers and suppliers through innovative new ways of doing business and good old-fashioned work.


As a result of these efforts, we are able to deliver a complete product line of cattle hides ranging from conventional hides, to wet blue hides, to finished leather anywhere on Earth. And whether your needs are large or small, we will work with you to grow your business. If doing business with a creative global leader in the skin and hide business sounds interesting to you, then please give us a call at 1-502-587-0701.



For a comprehensive look at the wide variety of products we have to offer please take a look at our various locations.


Our double fleshed process allows for an extended curing time, consistent weight breaks, less waste for the tanner, better yields and our re-grading ensures proper grading selection.